Product information

Product information

General typical characteristics of upholstery fabrics:

Marking off of textiles which are not colorfast (e.g. dark denim) can appear especially on light-colored upholstery. This is not a reason for complaint but a flaw of the clothing fabric. 

Upholstery has to be protected from direct exposure to light as the great light intensity might cause color change.

Seat sheens, also called lusters, appear on velvety fabrics like velours or the flat woven fabric chenille. Depending on incidence of light, the effect might be iridescent or radiant. This is not a quality defect but a characteristic which is typical for such fabrics and which does not influence the life span of the cover.
Furthermore, pilling can occur in flat woven fabrics. In most cases this so-called external pilling happens when friction causes fibres of the foreign textile to be pulled out. This is a typical characteristic of the product and not a material defect. 

Special pilling shavers can easily remove the pills.